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The Boston Tea Party was a major incident that occurred in the years precluding the onset of American Revolutionary War and was a protest started by the Sons of Liberty in the city of Boston. It began in the night of December 16, 1773 when the Sons of Liberty disguised themselves as Native-Americans and boarded the ships of the British East India Company sitting in Boston Harbor.

The Sons of Liberty destroyed all of the tea on the ships in protest of the Tea Act of May 10th, 1773. During this time the idea of "No Taxation Without Representation" became very popular and many people were against the idea of the British Crown arbitrarily imposing taxes on the colonists. These protests and demonstrations were the events that led directly to the onset of fighting that was to become American Revolutionary War.

The Destruction of Tea at Boston Harbor - Nathaniel Currier (1846)

The British Parliament responded to the Boston Tea Party by passing the Intolerable Acts also known as the Coercive Acts that were designed to exert total control over the colonies and snuff out their ideas of self rule and governance.

The Intolerable Acts effectively shut down the economy of Boston and caused the Patriots to convene at the First Continental Congress in order to petition the Crown to repeal the acts. This did nothing to alleviate the tension between the Crown and her perceived territories and the beginning of American Revolutionary War was reaching a boiling point. The rising tensions between the British and the colonists following the Intolerable Acts would eventually lead to the Battles of Lexington and Concord and the full on conflict between the colonies and the Crown.

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